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Trip to Savannah with my Son

My son had a great idea, lets go to Savannah to eat oysters and drink beer. It was a great idea and it was an amazing trip. We had no schedule, no one busting our balls to do shit. I was just off 4 overnights in the ER and he had just arrived from Ft. Bragg... we were both tired going into this mission. Night one we went to the Crab Shack out on Tybee and ate an appropriate salty low country boil and some raw oysters. After that it was back downtown to Kevin Barrys and several other pubs. Next morning while the kid was sleeping in I headed out to take pictures.

Even early in the morning River Street is busy. Few tourists and lots of restaurant people getting ready for the night.

This guy was up in one of the squares. I gave him a dollar, he said it was for a sandwich. We talked for a few and I could not get him to smile.

The dangerous stairs running up to Bay Street from River.

This dog and this lady were both pretty happy appearing creatures. It was early morning on River Street.

The carriages were all over the place. This kid was so stoked to sit up with the driver and interact with the certainly super tolerant horse.

We headed out to Tybee for more oysters day 2. We hit the cold dreary windy day jackpot. I got Connor's album cover for sure. Rocks, wind, sand and sky certainly made for great contrasty monochrome picture taking.

There are always people sitting on the benches around the squares. The foliage is still really colorful too.

We had a great time. We ate many dozens of oysters and drank many pints of Guinness. Savannah is a great city and Connor is a great kid.

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