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Food Truck

I was riding out 13th Street from my house and ran across this lone food truck. It was big, black and had Twisted Skillet painted on the side with a grill/smoker/large atomic bomb looking apparatus cranking out ribs and BBQ. I took a picture from across the street and the crew summoned me over. I asked if I could take some more pictures and they happily consented and then gave me a sample of some ribs right from the grill. It was as good as it looked.

We exchanged pleasantries and unfortunately I didn't get who was who. I'm guessing the guy in the black shirt is Jerome and the girl on the truck is Chiquita. They are very pretty and photogenic people. Jerome and the other guy in the camo shirt are menacing muscular giants, no strangers to hard work and the gym. They have the friendliest smiles.

I took candid shots all around the truck and at the end they posed graciously for a group shot. I got their business card and sent them an album of photos to do whatever they wanted with them.

I hope they succeed. They are nice people and they make great food. Being a small business owner is one of the scariest professions out there.

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