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South of the Border

Located off I-95, Exit 1 in North Carolina.

Voted one of the top ten kitschiest roadside attractions in America.

The cheeky Mexican theme is often seen as racist and insensitive.

It has been around for almost seventy years.

Always stop when passing this way. The colors are still amazing.

People still stop for gas and pictures. Not many at the Motels.

Southern charm and an odd assortment of dinosaurs, dogs, gorillas, hippos, you name it... all represented in the abstract.

Pedro is the original Hype-Man for SOtB. He's on most of the billboards up and down I-95.

Fireworks are ubiquitous with South Of The Border. One of the only reasons people stop.

Pedro is everywhere

A bald gorilla with breasts and a FUPA

This reptile house is still in operation


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