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Thanksgiving around town.. on a bike

I finally had a night off and figured I'd cruise the streets on my hipster bike to see what the good people and animals of Columbus were doing on such beautiful day. A bike ride prior to a big meal, awkward family moments and lots of alcohol.... obvious. Many photographers say it's always good to go out on an adventure like this with a mission or subject in mind. I always try to stay within a lane. It's tough and really depends on my mood. I wasn't in a people mood so I started with animals and garbage..... I'll just take pictures of all the grungiest dogs, cats and yards I can find.

This murder machine stayed still the whole time I approached to take a shot.

Pit Bulls are certainly the most prevalent breed of dog roaming the streets around my house. You either love em' or stay away from em'. I work half of every month overnight in an emergency room taking care of children and we see quite a few dog bites. Pit Bulls are the overwhelming winners of the "most likely to bite someone" and "most severe damage due to a bite" award winners.

Quite possibly the saddest dog ever

She looked miserable. This neighborhood was just as miserable as the dog. Columbus, GA is a victim of itself. We are the 2nd or 3rd largest city in GA depending on who you ask and we have the fewest resources compared to similar places like Savannah, Augusta and Macon. In the Historic district and east into the Lakebottom area it goes from ghetto to quaint and tidy old south street by street. Its a lot like Savannah in that sense. We still don't have a Whole Foods or Trader Joes.

This lady and her cat had no fucks to give about anything.

As I headed towards downtown I found this lady sitting on her step having a smoke. Neither moved or cared I was taking their picture. I always ask first and its rare anyone says no to me taking their picture. It was weird seeing someone not on a phone, just sitting there, having a smoke with a black cat. This looked good B&W too.

A guy chopping up a dresser with a knife

How could I not capture this action? I go by this house often as there's alway a ton of random shit everywhere. Its all in the yard and on the sidewalk. The mirror on the left is great. He was chopping away at the drawers with a kitchen knife, like a chef at a hibachi restaurant. All the surrounding houses were quaint and tidy. I would wish for his death if he was my neighbor.

The mirror captured the sky

Really cool how the random mirror in the yard grabbed a different image depending on how you approached it. This yard was one big still life.

Same yard from a previous adventure

This torso was on the sidewalk several weeks prior to my thanksgiving trip, same yard. I had to include it because I really liked the textures and of course the random flowers from the ass. I'll certainly visit this place again.

Random chair a few blocks over from the furniture chef's house

Random shit on the side of the road is to hard to pass up. The chair will be gone soon on trash day and its placement was genius. The pattern and colors was nothing like all the other crap strewn across the from yard. Albeit a junky front yard, it was visually appealing.

Norfolk Southern Swift Mill train tracks

One of my favorite places to take pictures. Pretty fucking urban and industrial if you ask me. Theres always trains moving from the wide array of tracks under the 13th Street bridge into the single funnel of two tracks by the old Swift Mill and Linwood Cemetery. This area is all about contrast. In the afternoon there's always a good sky.

Riverwalk people walking... on the riverwalk

Taking pictures of people and humanity is the heart of street photography. Capturing moments in time with interesting reflections, shadows and angles that only happen once. I love this covered spot under the construction of the rapids. Just 2 guys, probably father and son, walking on a beautiful thanksgiving day. Thats the only time that image will ever happen again.

Getting close to random people

I got into the people mood as I hit the riverwalk. Lately I've been reading articles and watching you tube tutorials on street photography. One piece of advice that struck me was to get close when taking pictures of people. It's tough... but you can get some cool shots flying by on your bike snapping pics with a fast shutter speed.

Feeding downtown

I got downtown and found the haves feeding the have-nots. I was looking rough myself; on my hipster bike, unshaven and tired. I was promptly invited to thanksgiving dinner with all the other homeless bike riders. I declined and just roamed around and took pictures.

Certainly a nice gesture

The bike lady on the right and the guy on the far left are regulars downtown. I snapped really nice portraits of them on previous adventures. All the pretty white people in the middle i'm sure felt much better for feeding the homeless this thanksgiving. It was a nice thing on a beautiful day. Whats the long term solution? Who the fuck knows?

Over-edited pics of thanksgiving

These last two pictures I really edited the light and clarity. Just trying to make the mundane look better. It was nice that a group of happy white people set up and fed the less fortunate. Columbus really is a really big small town.

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